Product Testers

17 thoughts on “Product Testers

    • I have about 50 different shots for the last two frames using 4 different figures and the crispy Anakin is one of them. However, I felt it more product appropriate to use an actual Vader. Not sure how many of you are familiar with this toaster but here is what it really makes…. Vader Toast

  1. That settles it. I have to get one of those toasters. I can’t spot the mistake either I guess. Enlighten me.

    • Does the mistake involve the electrical cord? Like how it’s NOT plugged up in the first or second panel, but it is in the final?

      And, back to the choice of figures, come to think of it, by the time ‘Anakin’ gets all burned on Mustafar, he was already using the name Darth Vader, if not the armor, so you could have used any of the burned toys.

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