Happy Thanksgiving 2007 – Glazed Ham


8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2007 – Glazed Ham

  1. Hey, Nik’. Long time no talk, man. You and the Jr. have a good Thanksgiving dinner, alright? Hope you’re doing better than I am.


    I guess the citizens of the pub spared the pig’s life after the candy incident so they could have a ham for Thanksgiving. Will they spare him until this Christmas? 😛


  2. Tenike!! What’s up? Happy B-Day a couple of days early. Unfortunately this was Jr’s year to go to his mother’s for Thanksgiving…. which SUCKED!
    Nope… different Gamorrean and plenty more to go. 🙂
    Dude email me…. niktom@gmail.com … got something to ask you.


  3. Yea I got it… just been too lazy to double check it and get back to ya. This time of year always gets me. I’ll let ya know what I find in the next week. Thanks for doing that.



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