Gets’em Every Time


11 thoughts on “Gets’em Every Time

  1. So… Billy Dee can go out and DO the commercials for Colt 45, and no one says it’s racist. But if Niktom mentions the commercials, that’s racist?

    The easy way to see if it’s racist is to reverse the whole thing. If the punch line of the joke had Han Solo mentioning Kirin Lager (a series of commercials which Harrison Ford did in Japan), would anyone object? No.

    The color of either character’s skin is irrelevant to the humor. Ironically, perceiving the joke as racist shows how focussed this one particular viewer is on skin color, which clearly the author was not.

    Looking for racism where none exists is a far worse disservice to Equality than Niktom writing humor that skewers everyone’s foibles regardless of their ethnicity.


  2. Haven’t you noticed that everything is “racist” these days? “My neighbors are black.” Just because you used the word “black,” an ignoramus will assume you are being racist. Typically the ignoramus will be of non-black ancestry and think they are being moral and good and are standing up for the “race” of people they think are being persecuted. Instead of actually listening to what you are saying, they only hear key words and that is enough for the alarm bells to go off. I think walking on egg shells around people because they are of a different race is far more racist than just interacting with them like a normal person. That’s my opinion. Good bye. =]


  3. It’s not racist…..Billy Dee Williams did those commercials for a while. Sheesh, people are soooo sensative these days!


  4. “The joke world we can get tough — wear a cup.”
    “You should be able to take that joke right in the solar plexus, get up, get that two-cycle weed-whacker engine of a brain humming, and give as good as you got. And if you get bested, go home, sharpen your verbal machete, and get ready for the next thicket.”

    That was great, thanks for the links. SNL has never been the same since he left.
    By the way… Lex you get bonus points for using the word “foibles” and Jerry, I’m still waiting for that explanation. Sorry “It’s so easy” just doesn’t tell me much.



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