11 thoughts on “Excursion Departure

  1. Just the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. I think it’s the dude doing a high dive to get in that might clinch it for me!


  2. hey some of that stuff looks familiar. I like the fresh look of the site! I also like that you are branching out of the pub. That gives a lot more options.


  3. “Whats an Excursion?” ~ Noah
    Seriously dude… you’re on the internet, look it up.

    “What is that thing?” ~ Fett Dude
    That is the Imprerial Troop Transport from the vintage line.

    You’re dang straight Ruf… your stuff came in real handy this week. Thanks again for the hook up. Branching out has opened up a lot of other stuff. Got several other adventures planned. Gonna be back on Endor before long. Lots more scouting to do.


  4. After looking at the transport again, I think it ought to be re-purposed with “glass, aluminum, paper” signs above the “buckets”…Imperial Recycling Units for an eco-friendly Empire!



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