Galactic Blunder Game


12 thoughts on “Galactic Blunder Game

  1. I spotted some of the new ones at Target today but I didn’t buy any. Why is it that they always time these releases at the exact time that I have no money?


  2. Greatness. What a stupid gimmick pack in. And no stands with the vintage line. UGH this year? Silver foil packaging with no other differences. Brilliant!


    • Yea, I was really disappointed with it. Hasbro did so well with the Build A Droid, actually gave me hope. Would have been nothing for them to come up with a couple of new molds for the line and just repaint a few old ones. Oh well, more material for me to make fun of I guess.


  3. They should have stuck with Build-A-Droid.It was so brilliant,Droids they would have never made,and people would have never bought,but slap it on another figures packaging,and people will flock to it like misguided bats.But Galactic Battle,hell,they already have plenty of games like that.



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