16 thoughts on ““Jumped” by Niktom Jr.

  1. I can’t say I know what the point of this video was, but I’m sure you guys had a blast doing it. Poor Nute Gungray, though. After spending almost a decade confined to that ugly card, he gets thrown and then eaten by a rancor. :S


  2. Yea, it’s pretty hard to follow, of course we are talking about the mind of a 6 yr old too. Here’s the run down he gave me…

    The troops are out to get rid of Nute when they discover Han is not really a trooper. They take care of him then move on to take out Nute.

    Why take out Nute? Senseless violence is all I can figure plus he had just watched my Order 95 flick, so he wanted to be like daddy.


  3. Well I got bored today so I did a little math. I made a few approximations but here we go…

    If it were scaled to real height this would be a 60 foot drop. (20 yards or for our friends across The Pond, 18.3 meters)

    If we assume a generous 10 ft per story then that would be like jumping from a 6 story building.


    I’m with tenike1 on this one!


  4. Ha ha. I don’t remember any pond! Even if there were a pond, I still wouldn’t do it. Scorch is pretty strong too. Being able to move that spinning shelf thing and handle the rancor. Nice. Nice.


  5. Is there an echo in here? Weekend Specials take time… lots of time. I have 6 different Specials in the works right now each at varying levels of completeness plus an additional 3 in the planning stage. One of which is a Talent Night 3. They are coming… please just bare with me. At the minimum a video takes about 4-6 hours work to complete. Talent Nights take about 24 hrs of work time. Plus here lately I’ve been working on some stuff behind the scenes to promote the site and draw in more fans. Sorry, it has been a while and I know this. Believe me, I know! I like the vids just as much as you guys but they are a lot of work and wear me out quickly. Hopefully I will have at least one up by the end of Aug.


  6. AWESOME Niktom jr.,GREAT VIDEO,if I knew how to make smiley faces I’d make 5 smiley faces as if I’d be rating on youtube but I’m uneligable.


  7. Not bad. And I know what you mean about videos taking forever. I have made about a dozen or so videos for diffrent things. I am currently working on a Jabba The Traveler Video. Its actually been the easiest to date. I’ll post it on the WOSW when its done.



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