Ha! Part 4


7 thoughts on “Ha! Part 4

  1. It’s a good thing you finally went ahead and finished off the strip in one day or we would be waiting until the summer to get this one done. Overall, I like it. I think you’re slowly getting your touch back after having to come up with something new every day. Ha ha. You really aren’t afraid to destroy figures, are you? Did you drill a hole in that chest of that ’95 stormtrooper? Do I even want to know what happened to Luke? It’s nice to see that no GI Joe braggers are allowed, but I sort of wish it were a hasbro employee instead.


  2. “You really aren’t afraid to destroy figures, are you?”

    It depends on the figure… those in question, not at all.

    “Did you drill a hole in that chest of that β€˜95 stormtrooper?”

    Yes I did and enjoyed every minute of it!


  3. Where did you get those anyway? I mean, have you been holding out on opening those figures just for the sake of your photo novels and movies? Or did you pick them all up for cheap on eBay and use them as video props?


  4. I actually bought those back when they came out. Some of the few things I have that actually went down in value over the years. They have been sitting there gathering dust, so I decided to “put them to use”. πŸ™‚


  5. It truly does suck that GI Joe figures have so much articulation compared to their SW counterparts. I really have a tough time wrapping my head around why hasbro makes figures that cant even so much as stand up when it comes to SW, but GI Joe can do freakin Yoga.



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