Lone Clone

All joking aside… I hope all in attendance of CIV are having a great time!  It’s awesome that 30 years later Star Wars is still alive and well, being passed on to generations to come.  Even though he may never read this I just have to stop and say thank you to Mr. George Lucas for following his dream and making it come true.  That dream has brought entertainment, enjoyment and excitement to so many.   Even though Star Wars has contributed to the thinning of my wallet, the past 30 years have been worth it.  Here’s to many many more… Happy Birthday Star Wars!

Oh yea, any of my loyal fans who may be in attendence of CIV… the Pub could really use a set of Exclusive Concept figs.  Drop me an email if you happen to have an extra set! 🙂

~ Niktom


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