Yakfinities – MOVIE CROSSOVERS – The Lego of Wars

This week Yak’s Pub will be participating in the Yakfinities Customizers Challenge hosted at the YakFace.com Forums.

The Lego of Wars

The Yakfinities Customizers Challenge

Each month the customizers of YakFace.com Forums will decide on a fan fiction idea for a custom figure project.

Rule #1 – Your figure must be made for this contest, no showing old figures.

Rule #2 – You can make as many figures as you want, but will only be entered into the prize pool one time.

Rule #3 – You must stay on track. If a contest is to make a Bounty Hunter, you can’t make Queen Amidala custom, etc.

Rule #4 – After the end of the monthly contest, a random winner will receive a prize. It won’t necessarily be the *best* custom that wins, it will be completely random. Yakface staff members can participate, but are not eligible to win a prize at any time.

Check out the previous months contests here.