Pack-In Play


12 thoughts on “Pack-In Play

  1. This is a nice one.

    I LOVE how you have the trash compactor filled with holo figures (trash). That’s a really nice touch.

    I also think Jawas with stormtrooper helmets will always be cute and funny….no matter what.

    Once again, thanks for doing these every day.


  2. Hey gang… thanks for all the kind words. It’s always my pleasure. Keep reading and tell your family, neighbors, coworkers, friends and even your enemies about the site.


  3. “I always like that ‘busy bee’ air around the jawa-themed posts:)” He he I noticed that too 😀
    That’s mighty impressive there, Niktom.

    Oh, BTW, did you choose the Vintage Luke and Han because Vintage was the line with all the playsets, or did you just grab them?



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