Fools Gold


7 thoughts on “Fools Gold

  1. lol That’s funny. Jay’s right, he’s even got a perfect face for it!

    Ok, I gotta know, how did you make that R2 body? Did you just disassemble some R2?


  2. “how did you make that R2 body?” ~ Trooper1138
    Yea I ripped apart an R2. Don’t remember which one it was though. His parts actually make many appearances. Check the archives for: Nov. 2, 17, 20 and of course this week on the 17th and 19th. He was also used for a custom Clone Trooper I made which can be seen on the new Bonus Pic Page. Just click the link over at the right under pages.


  3. Yeah, I remember him in the drunken halfnaked Luke’s and the Protocol Droid B-Ball ones… those were always pretty good.



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