7 thoughts on “Shadowing

  1. Believe it or not I’m not planning to get the Shadow Scout. 😮 I don’t actually “collect” most of the modern line. I will buy most new figs. for use in the Pub or my son to play with. The Shadow Scout is just one of those that will slip through the cracks unless I pick him up super cheap. The thought had crossed my mind but the price convinced me other wise.


  2. This is a good one. It’s like the stormtrooper was willing to put up with it until they sat down at the bar, and then he just couldn’t take it anymore and flipped out on the guy. 😀

    And please please please will you turn the belts around on your TantiveIV troopers! Thanks. :p


  3. “turn the belts around” ~ Jay
    Ha ha ha… Dang, I didn’t even notice that. So much for quality control in the Pub. Just call me Hasbro. 🙂



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