14 thoughts on “Urgent Plea

  1. OMG! Now this one is really funny! The shot with them both jumping back over the counter is hillarious! (I wonder who took it) 🙂 Nice work, Niktom! Thank you.


  2. Actually, if Niktom’s figures are going to start getting minds of their own, then this could open up a whole new bunch of supremely awesome sketches. I really hope this isn’t the last one we see like this, because I like it a lot.


  3. Maybe it was the 12 inch figures that took this. (I can’t imagine what you’ll do if you get Bespin Han w/ Torture Rack!) LOL.


  4. now, that’s another brilliant one, but someone should investigate what these poor figures have to indure when the camera is off 😉
    btw. I prefer to let my figures roam freely in my room 🙂


  5. Ip: “We all have learned that figures have minds of their own.”

    yes, especially when trying to put them up in a display without using stands…



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