A Year In The Pub

WoW! It’s hard to believe that I have been doing this for a full year now.

Yak’s Pub started out on Sept. 5th, 2006 in the YakFace.com Forums. The folks at YakFace.com have created a great place to hang out and share creative ideas from custom figures, dioramas, to full blown multi chapter photo novels. If you have never been, take some time today to check out all the great stuff there.

My thanks go out to the great community of collectors in the Yak Face Forums, you guys were my inspiration and encouragement in those first few months that kept me going.

As a way of saying THANKS to all my loyal readers… Yak’s Pub will be hosting it’s very first SKETCH REWRITE CONTEST!

The prizes include a CIV McQuarrie Luke, Yak’s Pub DVDs and 8×10 Prints.

CLICK HERE to get the full scoop and rules for the contest.

Just a quick run down of Yak’s Pub Year One, by the numbers

  • Daily Sketches = 256

  • Weekend Specials = 11

  • Niktom Jr. Specials = 2

  • Avg Daily Traffic = 200 – 300 per weekday

  • Destroyed Figures = 8

  • Jar Jar Beat-Downs = 9 (Verbal & Physical)

Thanks for waisting your time at work, school, and home to patronize the Pub. Keep reading, spread the word, and never stop laughing.

Thanks again…

~ Niktom


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