Hasbroitis – A condition effecting quality control. Most common symptoms include minor to major over sites, misspellings, inability to count, and improper grouping.


11 thoughts on “Hasbroitis

  1. The Greatest Battles Shock Trooper pegwarmed pretty bad, so I don’t see why he has any reason to be mocking the Galactic Marine. Anyway, I like how you were able to make a new and great story out of a simple mistake.


  2. “while I haven’t seen the GM…Pegwarmer my a**!” ~ Grievous
    How many you want? Last toy run I counted over 20 between 3 Wal-Marts and they had at least 5 at Target. Didn’t bother to count at KB. One of the Wal-Marts even had some on the clearance aisle ($5) and the Star Wars aisle at regular price. Go figure~



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