Must Be Nice


6 thoughts on “Must Be Nice

  1. Ha ha. The Fans’ Choice sticker really does look like a sash! I love this one, Nik’. Even as an exclusive, Lava Vader never got the ladies.


  2. Poor Vader. Its sad that the Darktrooper, just because of his Fans’ Choice, is more popular than the Naboo Soldier, with more articulation than him.

    (Tenike, good to see you. Any e-mail about your banning yet?)


  3. Oh. Yeah. That was resolved quite some time ago. To make a long story short, old man wise banned me and told me that if I apologized then he would unlock my account. Of course, never expect to see me around again. He says what I say is “unproductive.” I guess kissing hasbro’s ass by giving them plaques and awarding them at comic-con like heroes for giving us crappy rehashes and shitty articulation in new figures is somehow “productive.” Go figure. F*** you, rebelscum.



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