Time Off

This past weekend, Yak Face and I attend the Star Wars Fan Days Convention in Plano, Texas. We had a blast! He and I are both worn out from our travels and won’t actually get home till late tonight. Fortunalty I brought along the lap top to get this post in today. I decided to give Yak the week off and closed the Pub so instead of the usual this week, we will be showing off some pics from the weekend. So we shall get things started with the goregous Femi Taylor (Oola)

Also, a good friend of mine wanted me to pass along some info for those of you in the DFW area…

They are Nerds, they are Dorks, they are Stand-Up Comedians… and they have some great t-shirts!


Their next show is Wed. Oct. 24 th @ 8:30 at the Improv in Addison, TX.



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