8 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts

  1. LOL!!! AWESOME!!! The MAG has entered the pub!! I can’t believe you even put in the Yoda!!! Only difference is, my Yoda doesn’t have his cain…..lost it long ago!!

    Thanks for adding them to your awesome sketches!!!

    I have some ideas for that thing you asked me to do, and will send them your way via PM through Yakface or Rebelscum…..whichever you prefer.


  2. No problem Red… it was fun putting them in there. Can’t wait for your next installment of MAG. I’m running behind on the pics for you so no rush man. Busy time of year for everyone!


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  4. i just saw the MAG novles too and let me just say LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked vol 1 (fun with figs) and MAG 2008 those ware the most funniest! i also like figuers and sumbuca’s room.



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