Last Call – Maybe Not

Well gang it is with great sadness that I must announce the closing of Yak’s Pub….

Due to an increased work load, graduate school, and other things far too numerous to mention something has to go.

I have a few extra shots that will round out the rest of this week but you will notice the “Daily Post” count won’t change. Guess I like the nice even 400 that’s there. After this week, I’ll set the page to randomly display previous posts in hopes of keeping the page going a while longer.

It has been a great ride and hopefully someday the doors of Yak’s Pub will reopen.

Thanks for reading and please keep in touch!

~ Niktom

Edit April 2nd:Β  April Fools!


23 thoughts on “Last Call – Maybe Not

  1. I’ve heard a lot of bad things to have happened on an April 1st, but this would be one of the worst πŸ˜‰
    nice try…


  2. I read this on Galactic Hunter, got worried for a sec. Hope its not true. 😦

    But if its not true, (which that was a great story, BTW,) great joke!!


  3. Wow gang, the out pour of support really makes me feel good… THANKS! So, yea… April Fools, although most of you figured so. It was an interesting day, I got email, phone calls and text messages asking what the crap was going on. One guy on a forums board even said that my joke was “pretty dumb”, “stupid” and “not funny” because it could lose readers. Funny thing is, readership tripled for it and it looks like April 2nd may top that. Thanks again for reading, you guys are the best!



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