The Note

After a year and a half of shooting Yak’s Pub on my kitchen counter…. I have finally moved it to a less conspicuous place. I actually started the move back during Christmas break when I booted Jr. out of his playroom. Since then I have been searching for an affordable replica of my kitchen counter top. I was unable to find one soooo…. Yak’s Pub now has a new floor. Other than that, everything should pretty much stay the same for you the reader. For me however, this new location will allow more camera angles, lighting options and of course not having to explain to chicks why there is a mountain of toys piled up on my kitchen counter.

By the way, in case you missed my comment on April 1st…. April Fools.  Yak’s Pub will continue.  Thanks for all the comments, emails, text messages and yes… even phone calls.  If all goes well this weekend, the site will see a little updating and of course Monday’s post will be from the relocated Pub.  Thanks again for all the support!


10 thoughts on “The Note

  1. Thank the maker! My life would be incomplete without the daily visit to the Pub for a helping of humor and a pint of blue milk!


  2. Jr. was actually all for it. He thinks it’s awesome to have a room for the Pub and actually plays in there making his own scenes. Before long he will have his on collection of still shots on here.


  3. *lol*
    I have to admit, quite the only reason for me to buy a Darktrooper is its apperance at the pub 😉
    I’m very happy that the future of the pub is certain. 😀



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