More Profitable Opportunity


21 thoughts on “More Profitable Opportunity

  1. I feel like Boba Fett because he wants more money from Jabba by bringing more ”wanted” by Boba himself and Yakface, who fired Boba from another job.And something off topic, today,the 17th is my tenth birthday ! But on topic what lines are those figures ?I Know that Boba is POTF but what is Yak the Jawa and Snaggletooth ?Aso awesoma pisture and what versions of Boba do you have ?


  2. Actually, all of those are from the vintage Kenner line.
    I think I have every version of Boba with the exception of a Vintage Rocket Firing (droool) and the slightly off colored Vintage Palitoy version. But as far as modern sculpts I’m pretty sure I’ve got everyone of them either loose or carded. I have a thing for the Fett.
    You can view shots of my collection here (in the Forums), I believe there is a pic of my Boba shelf.


  3. I’m sorry about spelling picture and awesome wrong I guess I was to exited to post my first comment on here and if I spelled anthing else wrong in my other comment I’ll notice I was just typing to fast.hahaha. OK,any way hate to be posting again I just want to tell you guys what I really should have edited.Again awesome pictures.


  4. I just saw your comment I’m crazy about Boba Fett. That’s why my user name is”Fettdude.”And so far I’ve only had two Bobas the first,which I lost when I was five was The Pit Of Carkoon Fett (cheesy) and the 2007 Saga Ledgends Boba,Who needs some repair or replacement like the rope firing gaunlet(right) the back rope that connects to the gaunlet is ripped from the gaunlet and some paint wear-away at the bottom of the right chest armor.What should I do Niktom replace it or repair it ? p.s. today is my birthday!Now I’m ten years old,yes ten,which means I’m still a kid!


  5. Well I do have a collection,a really small collection of Darth Vaders but I don’t even like Vader that much.I’ll note which ones I have:A POTF Vader?all I know he was the Bespin version.,saga ledgends Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker,saga ledgends Hoth Darth Vader and a duh one the Darth Vader that comes with the coin album


  6. Yak Face is in “Return Of The Jedi” (Episode VI)

    Niktom, this is just another one of those amazing ideas that but big smiles on my face and make me wonder about your astonishing creativity – keep them coming 😉


  7. Thanks,Trooper_1138!If I had my own website I’d have pictures of my collection of clones and many other guys but here’s my my clone collection so far:galactic marine 2x 501st trooper 2x 7th legion clone trooper Clone trooper (ROTS) shock trooper and most of the phase ones.p.s.I looked on Wookiepedia and found Saelet-Morro (Yakface) and it looks like he’s in Jabba’s sail barge


  8. Redskeleton,who are you commenting about me or Niktom?I’m just curious.But any I got the POTF Vader when I was two or three at some mall in Waterbury,CT I don’t live in Waterbury but I do live in CT(Big revalation)But umm oh yea The


  9. Let’s get back to buisness Redskeleton,where you commenting about me or Niktom ? The way how I got POTF Vader is when I was two or three in my homestate,Connecticut and the 2007 line Vaders I got at wal*mart.


  10. OHHHH!I thought you were saying to me that POTF figs are exspensive nowadays,well that is true,but I got POTF Vader when I was two in 2000 when it was cheap but I didn’t buy it,my grandmother did.


  11. Redskeleton,my father used to have the jawa I believe he passed it on to me after he got crazy about rocketry’same with snaggletooth,which he gave me too when he got obbsessed with rocketry



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