Arm and a Leg


13 thoughts on “Arm and a Leg

  1. I get it!It’s the oldest joke ever!Good skit Niktom.And I saw your Boba shelf and there’s one you are missing:The Boba Fett with RA-7(Comic pack)


  2. Actually, I do have that one. He’s still in the package and that picture is well over a year old. You will notice that the Evolutions Fett, McFett, and Holiday Fett are also not there. Yet I do have them all.


  3. Ohh! I guess I didn’t notice him you know,I came up with this cool idea of making a picture or POTD of Boba escaping the sarlacc pit.Tell me what you think of it.Oh,the only time I will reply again tody at like 4:00 pr 4:30 after I’m finished with all the work I have to do.Renember tell me what you think of my POTD idea.


  4. P.S.The materials you need is clay any Boba Fett I recommend either your SAGA LEDGENDS Boba Fett or your comic pack Boba I,personally recommend your comic pack Boba Fett.


  5. Good gag… I like this vintage kick you’ve been on. So what’s the trick for this shot? I know you had to ‘paint’ out something that was keeping him vertical, but it almost looks like you used a non-removable limbs Threepio and digitally painted out the entire arm and leg.


  6. Thanks Lex! Yea, I’ve gone a while neglecting the Vintage guys so it was time to have a little fun with them.

    Ahh… magicians never reveal their secrets and that IS a REMOVABLE LIMBS Threepio. I couldn’t imagine the work of digitally removing a whole leg and arm.


  7. Oh,I always forget what those abriviations are I know the POTF and POTF2 abriviations but umm oh yeah whats your favorite Boba variation?



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