12 thoughts on “The 409th

  1. “Shouldn’t it have been blue and purple E3 clones having this conversation?”

    I chose the plain Stormtrooper since the color designation of the E3 clones would have given away which legion they are with. Plus the purple clones from E3 are Windu’s gang, the 187th.


  2. Wow, that is possibly the most nit-picky question I’ve ever been asked! In doing a search on the internet (keeping in mind everything on the internet is TRUE!) you find roughly equal amounts of both “mashers” and “smashers”. In fact, the quote on IMDB has “smashers”. Given the large amount of a discrepancy among the quickest resources I turned to much more official authorities…. The DVD subtitle says “garbage mashers”, the novel (copyright 1976) says “refuse units”, the Star Wars story book (copyright 1978 ) says “garbage compactors” and the Marvel Special Edition comic adaptation (copyright 1977) says “garbage mashers”. Apparently I was wrong all the way around, my bad guys. I will strive to do better in the future.


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