Bonus Post: “Purple Pride”


10 thoughts on “Bonus Post: “Purple Pride”

  1. Excuse me, Niktom, but if these are the “Mace Windu battalion” troopers, the armor pieces are removable. If they are some other that I don’t know about – sorry. Otherwise – totally some of the best troopers out there! Keep on with them 🙂


  2. Wow, I looked it up, your right! I just don’t see how they come off. I’ve taken the head off and everything but dang, I’d be afraid it wouldn’t go back on. When I wrote that I was really thinking more in terms of the armor piece like on the 501st and Shocktrooper…. +5 points to Evilivo! 😛


  3. In fact the credit goes to Mr. Curto at Rebelscum – he wrote there long ago that the harness/armor thing on the Mace’s troopers is in fact repaint of Commander Baccara’s. There’s a little clip on the back and you should have no problems putting it back 🙂


  4. I really like the poses on the figures. It implies so much movement and action. But what I like the best is the way the wall pieces evoke the climactic battle in the movie Time Bandits, where the castle stones intentionally resemble gigantic Lego pieces. Are these clone soldiers real people, are they toys, are they something in between? This pic is surprisingly deep.



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