Color of the Elite


8 thoughts on “Color of the Elite

  1. He-he, the last picture just speaks “True, true…”. I hope we are going to see soon what’s happening to old Palpy in the back 🙂


  2. Oooooh… If you look at both the foreground and the background at once, there’s another joke going on. Well done, niktom!


  3. I’d like to see a Superhero week, actually–Superman, Iron Man, etc. (Batman vs. the Fetts in battle of the utility belts!). Or just back to the regular SW stuff; that’s why I come here, after all. The crossovers are fun, but I’d hate for the SW characters to get pushed into the background.


  4. Lol, I love the fact that not only are they not guarding their leaders but they’re talking about being guards!



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