Mighty Noticeable


9 thoughts on “Mighty Noticeable

  1. This is a great skit, Nik’. You’ve really optimized the full potential for humor with the Mighty Muggs. I personally can’t stand the things, but I like what you are doing. hasbro tends to flop… a lot, but at least some of those obscure things (*cough* choppers *cough*) they make can have their fifteen minutes of fame here at the pub.

    I’ve been craving a P.W.A. skit lately, but I don’t know what has been warming the pegs recently. The duo of Lava Vader and Darktrooper trying to get stands wouldn’t be bad to revisit now either.

    (Oh, and any news on the black coin? :-o)

    P.S. – I think you can improve this skit and upcoming skits by using italics or bold on some words to stress emphasis. “That” with italics or bold would have probably given off more of Cody’s emotion.


  2. As someone with a background in cartooning/acting/directing/improv comedy, I respectfully disagree. I generally dislike seeing a stage actor deliver a line that sounds ‘writer-y’ rather than conversational. They might stress a particular word in a totally unnatural way because they know what the other actor’s written response is, and they’re telegraphing it. I prefer to speak conversationally onstage, as if I have no prior knowledge of what the other person’s reply will be, and I think that approach holds true for photo-cartoons like this. One of my earliest acting teachers had an exercise in which you stressed the same sentence in different ways to subtly change the meaning. Let the reader bring their own interpretation to the words. I myself ‘hear’ Cody stressing the word ‘noticeable’ (in particular, the syllable ‘no-‘) if anything.


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  4. Ugg.. man, I had completely forgotten about the coin! Got it in the mail today though. Jr and I went out of town for a mini-vacation unexpectedly so I’ll use that as my excuse. 🙂 It’s funny you mention the P.W.A and the Dimwitted Duo, both groups will be making appearances this month, I too have been itching for a revisit. On the stressing particular words, Lex actually hit the nail on the head when he said “Let the reader bring their own interpretation”, this is why I don’t ever explain any jokes either. Well, actually there is one joke I did explain a good while back, but that’s been it. Even when folks try to explain them and do so wrongly in the comments, you’ll notice… I don’t step in.



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