Legacy of Dreams


5 thoughts on “Legacy of Dreams

  1. Quite easily one of the best skits you have ever thought of, Nik’. I love when you make the “quality” of hasbro’s merchandise the theme of the skit.

    I am no master in photography, cinematography, writing scripts, on-stage acting, etc. I just want to get this out of the way before someone with a “background” in these areas feels the need to “respectfully disagree” with me.

    1.) Use more lighting. I know you are waking up from a nightmare and it is supposed to be dark outside because it is nighttime or early in the morning before the sun has had its chance to rise. However, it is just too hard to see.
    2.) Your expression “looks to be” kind of ” 😐 .” I would have probably gone for the ” :O ” look instead, with my hands against my cheeks, sort of like the kid from Home Alone.
    3.) Another thing I would have done is sprayed my face with a water bottle or dampened it to give the appearance of sweat.

    Like I said though, I loved it. I hope you don’t mind when I post my thoughts on how a script should be executed. :-S

    P.S. – I received the coin. Too bad I was away and you used Priority. Anyway, it is minty fresh and awesome. My coin collection is now complete. Thanks, man. I’ll definitely leave you some positive trade feedback on the forums soon. Nik’ is definitely one of the best people on the internet, folks.


  2. Dude, your thoughts are why I keep you around man! Thing is… you are right on all three points. I shot this one about 1 a.m. the night before it posted and was in a hurry to get in bed. My laziness took over and well… you see the result.

    Glad the coin made it. Congrats on finishing the collection. Jr. and I still have a few of the basic ones to pick up. I’m shocked at how many of those figures we ended up buying. I think we need 11 coins to finish. Funny thing is, that’s about how many figures I had “planned” to get from that line. Same thing happened with all this new stuff. I’m a weak, addicted junkie and Hasbro is my pusher.


  3. Ha ha. Are my thoughts the only reason you keep me around, Nik’? /sobs

    But yeah. I’m very fortunate HTS.com existed because there’s no way I would have searched for all of those figures. Their discount codes basically made shipping free and I got them all for retail price.

    I remember their original plan was to have a silver Expanded Universe coin, but dropped the idea and gave black ones to the Shadow figures instead. That was already too late in the game and I forgot about them. Luckily for me, you had a spare and I was able to finish off my book.

    Are you going to try to finish off your coin album? Eleven or so to catch up on is definitely worse than one.



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