Hole In The Wall


5 thoughts on “Hole In The Wall

  1. What led to the wall breaking started on July 15th and went to the 18th. I forgot to do this earlier, but thanks for being such a good sport “Anonymous”! And don’t worry, I really didn’t think you were a chick… I baited ya just a little bit and got exactly what I wanted. Would have really sucked if you hadn’t answered and I would have had to come up with something different for the last day.
    Nope, got those bricks at Hobby Lobby in the doll house section. Yea, you want to see real comedy… look at the faces of people in Hobby Lobby when a thirty something dude is digging through the doll house stuff. Awkward!


  2. Hahaha, and thanks for the quick answer. I never would have thought to look in the doll house section. I’m gonna have to take a better look at the local hobby shop.



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