Junior’s Pub #4

For the remainder of the week, I present Junior’s Pub. All of these were thought up, set up and shot by Niktom Jr. I only helped with setting up the tripod, instructions on the camera (notably different than the one normally used hence the obvious quality difference) and any Photoshoping that was needed. The rest was up to him… please keep in mind he’s only seven. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Junior’s Pub #4

  1. *clap*clap* Nice one I like how he picked up his hand
    P.S It’s just old fett dude,just um the leader of a clan on BF2(I also lead it on Xfire.) =)


  2. that great keep up the great work i wish my father would help me in lot of thing lol well this jedi is doing well city job and make or $21 some thing a hour to in joy my number thing ‘startrek” ….opp’s i mean starwars loll u know i found on e-bay feb 11 2 two rare very rary galoob wesley and the rouman action figure and i bought just like that with jabba the hutt moneynow i have a price on my head……..$1500.00 that all only 10 made in this world



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