14 thoughts on “Lemonade Stand

  1. Yes, this is “outside” the Pub but as to being “the outside” of the Pub… well, time will tell on that one. Let’s just say we will be venturing outside from time to time now. The pitcher and glasses are a set I picked up at Hobby Lobby in the doll house section.


    • The “Lemonade” text is Photoshoped as well using the “Serpentine” font. Pretty much most text that appears now is done with Photoshop post photography. In the earlier strips I would make signs and such, print and then photograph but it’s become easier to just alter the pic now. Plus the quality is usually better. For those who like to know the behind the scenes stuff… that particular stand is Rahm Kota’s. Here is the original, unaltered shot.

      I owe credit for the buildings to a great dio builder and customizer who goes by BrentS on several forums boards. He has recently moved out of dio building for now and I was fortunate enough to pick up some great looking pieces from him.



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