Some Things Do Change


7 thoughts on “Some Things Do Change

  1. I hate to tell you all this but there are too many injustices that have been done to Jar Jar to remedy them all in this comic strip.

    Is Jar Jar going to get to prod Captain Tarpals with an electrified lance?

    Is he going to get to fart in the face of an eopie or kaadu or whatever that thing was on Tatooine?

    Is he going to give Mr. George Lucas a stupid accent and send him out into the universe to suffer at the hands of those less tolerant than himself?

    No, I think not. Still, I don’t think Jar Jar pines for retribution. Even seeing him dunk a stormtrooper in the toilet, just doesn’t seem like Jar Jar to me. He’s too good-natured and has undergone these various indignities with a commendable degree of composure.

    Cheers, Jar Jar! Happy New Year!

    You are no longer the most hated being in the Star Wars universe, having been fully replaced by Zero the Hutt.


  2. No, it can’t be possible! Jar Jar get the girl’s attraction AND dunks stormie’s heads in the toilet! HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE CRAZY?!




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