Tour Request


8 thoughts on “Tour Request

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  2. never bothered to collect them except when there was some real promo going on in france (in the 90s it concerned mail away vader w/ removable helmet and han solo in stormtrooper disguise).

    good call Niktom


  3. Boy that takes me back. Not sure to where. I saved tons of those stupid Jedi points for years. Even after Hasbro said there is no chance in Hades we will EVER do anything with these…I kept them. Finally dumped them due to space issues. I just knew the day after I dumped them the big H would come up with an offer. Oh well. Ah memories. They are the first to go.


  4. Just occurred to me…isn’t your receipt the proof of purchase? How does a UPC code prove you bought anything?? lol


  5. So you don’t make copies of your recipt and sell them to your SW buddies at a discounted rate causing Hasbro to go bankrupt with the ginormous influz of promo figures being demanded while the same pegwarmers refuse to budge from their dust filled place on the shelf. Just my thought anyway.


  6. I used to work in a bookshop and I read the Indiana Jones story where Chewie is known as the sasquatch after Han lost his life to the natives…left me feeling oddly sad that story did…



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