A Slight Flutter


14 thoughts on “A Slight Flutter

  1. Oh man! I was totally mystified until I read NemuSusato’s comment. Nice! I bought a wind-up Conky a couple of years ago just for fun, and couldn’t figure out anywhere logical to put it among my collection… then it came to me. The perfect place. I put it next to RX-24 from Star Tours.


    • I already knew who Conky was, but I followed your advice and discovered a nice additional piece of Star Wars/Pee-Wee trivia… in one episode Conky’s repairman was played by Jimmy Smits! Which means I could also put my wind-up Conky figure next to Bail Organa. Thanks!


  2. Don’t feel bad, Niktom. I guest-starred in a play at the local high school recently, a show called The Diviners. In one scene, I had to ride a vintage bicycle, and they dug up a red one. I kept making Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure references, e.g. “You’re the best bike in the whole world!” None of the students laughed. Sigh… the drama teacher, who was herself ten years younger than me, said they were too young to get such an old reference.


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