Global Perspectives


9 thoughts on “Global Perspectives

    • LOL… it’s ok, he was registered by ACORN. Plus, I’m shocked it’s taken this long for someone to point that out. I think this is his 3rd or 4th appearance.


  1. I was wondering if the VC Jawa was real or fake, so thanks for clearing that up here in the Comments. What’s up with the bridle for the Tauntaun? You’ve got the part that goes ‘under his jaw’ turned up ‘over his snout’… which is possibly why it has split down the middle on that part.

    Oh well, vintage toy nitpicking aside, a very funny Earth-Day themed Yak’s Pub.


  2. “Vinyl Cape” – the very first vintage Jawa release, very short supply, soon replaced by the “Cloth Cape” version. Legit VC Jawas have gone for $5,000 easily.



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