Busted Scene


6 thoughts on “Busted Scene

  1. Haha that was great! Although even funnier if it hopped on the bar and did the “Hello my baby hello my darlin'” routine like in Spaceballs. Course in typical Niktom it could have done that and then a Stormtrooper or even Yak himself could have whacked it off the bar. Pointed to a sign “no dancing creatures on the bar”


  2. I love the Alien reference, because it’s such a brilliant gag using the Dice pack-in (plus I just watched AVP:Requiem the other day so I’ve got that franchise on the brain)… but I have to say, my favorite part was Nightlily’s thought balloon in the first panel. That’s got a post-production feel to it. It wasn’t scripted, it was just something you noticed and acknowledged after the photos were made, am I right? But, I can also sympathize with her. I was cast in a military training film in 2007 and caught myself making eye contact with the camera during someone else’s scene. I told the director afterward, who thought he had an otherwise perfect take. He did another as coverage, but you could tell he liked the first performance better. Sigh.


  3. When I saw those two packed together, Alien was the first thing I thought of. Yes, that little sucker pretty much ruined the shot. I usually catch that but it was about 11:30 last night when I was shooting and totally missed it. By the time I was on the computer and editing it was way too late to for a second try. So when all else fails, make something up.



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