Gift Shop Exclusive


11 thoughts on “Gift Shop Exclusive

    • Ya know… that movie had such promise. Major let down after the first one. Don’t get me wrong, the first one was no masterpiece but it was great enough to deserve a sequel and had me all excited about this one. My eight year old even thought it sucked compared to the first one. Vader’s appearance could have been so much better too. So many possibilities they passed up, not just on Vader but in the whole movie. Let down of the summer movie season for me.


  1. Okay, wait, I haven’t seen the sequel… Darth Vader is in it? A quick cameo, I am assuming?

    I guess I’ll have to change the answer to my trick question about “How many movies does Darth Vader appear in?”

    The other obscure one being The Indian in the Cupboard.


    • Yeah he’s in there… and sadly, his appearance in The Indian in the Cupboard was better. I almost made this strip a two pack or buy one get one free promo with the Indian reference being the other.



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