The 700th Strip


11 thoughts on “The 700th Strip

  1. A paradox indeed, like the chicken and the egg. Which came first, this Yak’s Pub strip or the action figures, reading this Yak’s Pub strip, or maybe we are all just a figment of the imagination of a Yakface whom we mistook for an action figure. Hmm.

    Congrats on 700.


  2. There was an old Muppet Show gag like this, although we never saw the recursive infinity loop… only the back of a TV set as Statler and Waldorf flipped channels to discover one station showing what “looks like two old geezers sitting in a theatre box watching television– who’d watch that?!”


  3. congats ideed. It reminds me oflooking into a mirror t my granparents house that faced another mirror. Its when I understood the concept of infinity. ntil later I realized that the image would only las until the lightwas refracted to zero. Anyway a nice strip nontheless. Cheers to another 700 and more. (BTW hope you liked your prizes)



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