Carbonite Crunchy


16 thoughts on “Carbonite Crunchy

  1. That is actually a casting made with plaster specifically for this strip. I went with the plaster since it would be easier (and cheaper) to break and would give the nice texture on the inside. Speaking of the inside, I had originally planned to make this one a bit more… graphic, but opted out. Let’s just say some of that chewy inside was going to be showing in several places. Maybe I’ll get around to adding that in later.

    Dang Lucious… that’s freakin funny! I’ll be signing that all day now.


    • I agree about the texture, it’s really great.
      Maybe you could do the more graphic one as a extra, behind a link, with a warning, so only the curious (like myself) will see it, and others can choose not to. I agree having it on the main Page might be a bit much.


  2. agreed. A run of shirts with this would be awesome. I want one… just not another black t-shirt. Let me know where to send paypal 🙂


    • Been wanting to do some shirts, mainly for the benefit of having something original to wear to cons and promo the site. I’ll draft some stuff up and take it to our local print shop in the next few weeks.


  3. This made me want to run out and buy some Hershey bars. Which I did. Nothing on the inside but more delish chocolate, but hey, they are sooooo good.



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