Face Off


13 thoughts on “Face Off

  1. He’s never gonna live that down, is he…?
    Of course, in all fairness, she kissed him, really.

    @Ogait-Nas: Good luck on the exam!


  2. Didn’t they make out pretty heavy in Splinter of the Mind’s Eye too? I’d love to see a scene with Mark Hamill talking to Lucas. “It’s called “continuity” George. How about we stick with it, huh?”


        • I don’t recall a makeout scene in SOTME, so don’t get your hopes up. The comic adaptation was far better than the novel. Alan Dean Foster couldn’t even keep continuity with himself, contradicting himself (and logic) all over the place. For example: Luke and Leia are breaking into a place, and are worried because there is no cover in the alley. Luke grabs disguises for them from inside and they become modest about changing in front of each other, so one of them changes behind the bush– what the hey? Wouldn’t that have constituted cover? Another one: Vader’s arm is cut off, and the narrative describes him picking up the severed limb AND taking the lit saber out of the hand. Neat trick for a one-handed guy. Want more? Luke and Leia cross a huge underground river on a boat, so big you can’t see the other shore… at one point Luke is knocked overboard by a creature. In a later chapter, he wrestles a native in a few-inches-deep puddle and gets his head held under, where he thinks to himself it’s a far wetter death than any he’s ever faced. Not to mention, desert planet native Luke knows how to swim, but Leia doesn’t, which makes much less sense than a Marvel comic of the era which had it the other way around.

          Anyway, I am surprised no one has commented how this makes them think of the Robot Chicken “yo mama” fight between Luke and the Emperor.




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