Indecent Proposal


7 thoughts on “Indecent Proposal

    • Nope. That’s an o-o-o-old ‘Star Wars nerd’ joke. Can’t recall where I first heard it, but it was decades ago.

      As for Fanboys, I haven’t seen it and don’t necessarily intend to watch it, for the same reason I’ve never seen a Kevin Smith film or the Blue Harvest episode of the Family Guy…

      As a personal choice, after watching helplessly while a dear friend screwed up their life, I avoid titles with ‘drug humor’ warnings. Too painful for me.


  1. Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca moesta wrote a star wars book for the Young Jedi Knights saga called Shards of Alderaan it is about Han and Leia twins where they decide to go to where Alderaan was and bring back a shard of the core of Alderaan and then they run into Bobo Fett.



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