Han on Ice


11 thoughts on “Han on Ice

  1. LOL, very cool, in every aspect! Did you actually freeze a figure in the freezer? I used to do that to my Han when I was a kid 🙂


  2. Han :”I…I cant sit down. Do I have hybernation sickness?”
    Leia/Boush :”No, you had a giant popsicle stick where the twin suns dont shine.”


  3. Yes, that is actually frozen in there using the mold I made. I’ve got 6 “Ice Solos” in the freezer right now some with figures some without. Had a lot of fun preparing for this strip. I’ll post some pics of the extras this weekend.

    Tresob???? He does photo comics over at Creature Cantina, really good stuff I might add… but I’m not Tresob. Thanks though.


  4. A+ on the concept and execution… I love how the ice looks white on the raised edges. By the way, this could be the prequel to a cartoon that ran in Starlog, I believe it was, in the early 80’s. That one depicted Jabba handing a frozen-Han-on-a-stick to a younger Hutt offspring, who was giving it a big lick. I guess if we retcon that, it must’ve been a teenaged Rotta, huh?



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