The Stage is Set


11 thoughts on “The Stage is Set

  1. you know i read somewhere that a desent of jar jar was on the ship in which took over in the first sence in star wars ep.IV looking for the plans for the death star from Leia


  2. So a Gungan descendant of Jar Jar’s was on the Tantive? That’s a new one to me, but no telling what occurs in the Expanded Universe.

    I doubt it would be his grandson, unless Gungans mature to breeding age a lot faster than humans. There’s only 20 years or so for him to find a Gungan wife and have kid number one (which already strains credulity, but having seen some of the humans who are allowed to breed, I guess it’s possible), let alone time for Jar Jar Joonyoor to have a kid of his own.

    Unless the grandson is still in diapers.

    But enough commenting on the comments… Niktom, I’m looking forward to the OT with Jar Jar reenactments. And admit it, you wrote that gag about the head being in the helmet because it’s so hard to get the darn things out.


    • Placing anything related to Jar Jar or even a Gungan in the OT should be considered blasphemy, punishable by banishment from everything Star Wars. But that’s just my opinion. I would be interested to know where you read that…

      Well Lex, originally it was supposed to be Vader but to my knowledge there is no Vader fig. that the head completely comes off without major alteration. Just the thought of him feeling around headless was amusing. So still wanting to do the background gag, I started looking at other characters in the scenes coming up. I came to the Luke and actually wanted the head and helmet to be held separately by each Trooper. Alas… as you noted, the freaking thing is so hard to get off that it ended up as is.


    • Wow, that has got to be the most pathetic piece of crap I’ve read in a while. A Tantive decoy? Dressed as Leia? Conversation with Vader? Him telling Vader that it was a decoy? The ship of Gungans living afterwards? Seriously, makes me wonder if the person that came up with that garbage has even watched Star Wars.

      I followed a couple of links and now see where this came from.

      Star Wars Manga: Black
      “It is the first issue, followed by Star Wars Manga: Silver. It is currently available for sale in both Japan and the United Kingdom, but as of yet there are no plans to release it in the United States. Although when it was first announced it was labeled as Infinities, it was released with no Infinities label and Leland Chee himself has stated that their canon status is fuzzy.”

      “For their daring plots and offbeat directions, these stories are definitely “Infinities”—that is, they don’t actually fit into Star Wars continuity.”
      (What an understatement)



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