Wild Night


9 thoughts on “Wild Night

  1. LOL… geez, you people act like you’ve never seen a naked ewok before. I’d bet all three of you were the first ones to lift up the headdresses to see what was underneath when you opened your own.


  2. with all the action figures from star wars I have not one of them is an ewok, but ever since I have been reading this great photonovel comic I think I am going to pick up the Logray and Wicket set from potf2

    just wondering NIKTOM is that the real ewok speak or did you come up with that on your own.

    great one today it reminds me of the end part in HANGOVER.


    • All but one word. The book I’m using doesn’t have “off” in it. So I simply took the ewok word for “on” (seeg) and reversed it. Figured that would be allowed since “off” is the opposite of “on”. LOLOLOL


  3. Yep, Ben Burtt’s Galactic Phrase and Travel Guide, with interior illustrations by Sergio Aragones (you know, the guy who used to do the little comics in the margins of MAD Magazine?)

    Of course, if you really want to have fun, pull up the Ewok soundboard at starwars.com and have fun playing with that while you read this strip. I myself have used it to record several tracks that sound suspiciously like an adult film dubbed in Ewokese.

    Anyway, I too was a little concerned about the Wokling sitting there. Maybe he’s got a good fake ID, or else Yak Face has an ‘understanding’ with the authorities.

    Actually, that just jogged my memory to the time several friends of mine wanted to go to a certain type of club, but one guy’s new girlfriend was only 18. Now, someone should have been leery, but they let his EX-girlfriend, still a member of the group, call the establishment to see what the age limit was. She gets off the phone and says everything’s cool.

    They drive 70 miles, only to be told at the door that the 18-year-old can’t get in. All eyes turn to the Ex, and he says “I thought you said she could get in.” To which she replied, “Oh, she can’t get IN the club at only eighteen… but she CAN audition!”



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