Recouping Losses


14 thoughts on “Recouping Losses

    • Yup, most if not all I plan to sell from this set. I already have a buyer lined up for the two protical droids. Contrary to popular belief, I do not actually collect the modern line.


  1. Really funny, but if you are truly selling them, how much are you asking for Corran and Whistler? (assuming you don’t already have a buyer)


  2. If you dont collect the modern line, then why do you have CC-7576?
    Is it actually your sons or is it because you only collect special figures?
    Further more, if you dont collect the modern kine, then why do you have HK-47?
    And i must agree, i think Hasbro’s riping you of, by making a great droid but to get it you have to get the hole damn line, whether you like it or not.
    Otherwise great comic.

    PS., sorry if you find this insulting, but im just curios.


  3. There are relatively few modern figures that I do actually pick up for my “collection”. Certainly not enough that I claim to “collect” the modern line. There is the occasional figure (Dark Trooper, HK-47, Boba Fett for examples) that I will like enough to buy in order to keep. Everything I purchase for the sole use of Yak’s Pub either becomes my son’s or is kept in the studio, apart from my collection. All items (I stress ALL, the sets, figures, props, you name it) that is involved with Yak’s Pub will be sold off when I finally stop doing this. I have no attachment to it other than for making comic strips…. my heart and devotion to the hobby lies with all things vintage. Hoping that one day I can become really famous so all this crap will be worth something. LOLOLOLOLOL


  4. Well, actually if they sold all 11 figures on single cards, it would cost $88. So technically, you save $3 buying them this way. (Here’s a towel for the dripping sarcasm.) That Whistler is nowhere near accurate though. Very disappointing.



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