Broken Silence

Tomorrow, Sept. 5th, marks the 3 year anniversary of Yak’s Pub!  I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough for your daily reading, comments and encouragement.  I’m working hard to find an easy way to browse through all the past strips (Numbering 770 as of today!) for you new readers and have some cool new things planned for all of you die hards that have been here since the beginning.   I ask that each of you help this next year be the best ever that the Pub has seen… tell your friends, family and even enemies… heck, let LucasFilm know.  LOL!

Thanks again gang… you’re the best.  I wouldn’t keep doing this if it wasn’t for you!



15 thoughts on “Broken Silence

  1. I visit your site every day religiously – and it never fails to amuse me. PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP!!! 🙂

    I think you’ve probably picked up a lot of UK visitors thanks to my fanaticism…

    Ian (United Kingdom)


  2. Yes thanks to you NIKTOM my star wars action figures just don’t stand there anymore and I dusted of my camera I haven’t used in years. This comic is an
    inspiration to THIS GUY.


  3. I have been reading your web comic for a long time. I love what you do with your action figures. Here is to another great year and may you continue to make us laugh for years. Me and my nephew have been inspired by you to set up our own little Cantina so that he can display his figures. — Cedar Park, TX


  4. I have you set as my homepage, chief! You and coffee, man…you and coffee. My son wanders around, spouting lines like “I had this idea that would make a great Yak’s Pub strip!” Or, by far the favorite of all three kids, is the “WTF??” pose of the Stormie in “My Bicycle” – complete with cricket-chirp sound effects. Yes, even the 4yo makes cricket chirps.

    You are a *staple,* man!

    And I agree about the weekend special…


  5. I know you put a lot of time and dedication into this hobby and I love it. I like how you pull your readers in and make them feel like they are part of something fun. Here’s to another year of starting off every morning with a nice foaming warm gelatigenous cup of Yak’s Pub.



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