A Little Advice


7 thoughts on “A Little Advice

  1. OMGTalentNightIIIYAY!
    I was hoping you’d do another video at some point. But I figure since you give us a new comic every weekday, that’s plenty without bugging you to do more. ^_^


  2. How about a video with the “Drunken Sailor” drinking song?
    I havent gotten any ideas for a figure you could use, but a Drunken Sailor in Yaks Pub would be kinda obvious.


    • RoC Shipwreck.

      Niktom – you’ve made my entire HOUSEHOLD extremely happy! My son wanders around, creating mental storyboards to various songs – including “Another One Bites The Dust.”

      Personally, I wanna do one to “Flash!”



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