Special Modification #65


11 thoughts on “Special Modification #65

      • No, on the inside, no one’s quite sure how big is it. But it’s way bigger than a small house. We’ve seen a pool, a large room for clothes, a few bedrooms (at least four, I’d say), another control room…
        And it’s not a phone booth, it’s a police call box.


  1. I knew it all along! LOL
    You’d probably find the two troopers Han and Luke “knocked out” somewhere in the Pub.

    Ruff- this is the ultra-special version that only Uncle George has.


  2. Commented at RS, but this one really made me laugh out loud. I mean people are always typing LOL while thinking of laughing. But I don’t think they actually laugh when they type it. I really laughed. Really.



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