10 thoughts on “Their First Road Trip

  1. Oh, that’s just mean!
    Drunk and Bitter Luke’s got the right idea–getting (or in his case, staying) hammered is best way to deal with Jar-Jar and Creepy Cheerful Luke…


  2. Nice. You should try to get some of the Plano 3730 tackle boxes. They’re much deeper & can hold 15 figures each. Including the Darktrooper, with ease even. Only ones that don’t fit in that type are Muftak/Foul Moudama, Ephant Mon, Hermi Odle & the Amanaman from the comic pack I think.


  3. Creepy Luke, Angry Luke, Jar Jar, and Rainbow Vader (I don’t care if he’s supposed to Lava Vader or whatever–he looks rainbow-esque)… Wow, I actually feel sorry for a stormtrooper!



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