12 thoughts on “Shake It Up

    • Probably not, I actually only have the Holiday Vader out of all of those. There will be a special guest appearance next week though…. I’m sure if you think really hard you might figure out who. LOL


      • Do you want to borrow a set of the Holiday Figs??? I have them all loose and on display here for Christmas… If you’ll send them back when through, I’d happily send them to you for a guest shoot!


        • Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got all of next week’s lined out. Those figures are on my list of “to gets” for the future so they will probably show up sometime.


  1. This was fantastic, Niktom!
    You always surprise me (us) and your ideas are great!
    (well… not always-always, some really sucked…. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Who’s gonna be the special appearence? Smiling Luke? Fat belly ICMG dressed up as Santa?



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