11 thoughts on “Deck the Guard

  1. :O Wow, I mean really now. Looks like as soon as I email the “Emperor” on this he is going to fall out of his chair. On another note. I think I just figured out a quick costume for ALL-CON in march. I never saw this one coming 😮


  2. I love how the Emperor’s funiture reflects the style of the rest of the Death Star. Just goes to show how much knowledge of Star Wars you have. Your material used to actually be good. Seems you got lazy on all of us fans. Come on dude, your mom puts out better effort for all of us than you do.


    • If you don’t like the direction the comic has taken then don’t read it. No one is forcing you to show up and you’re certainly not paying for it. The internet is a big place, go somewhere else… better yet, go play in traffic. We won’t miss you around here.

      My mom… seriously? Did you really go there? What, are you like twelve years old?


  3. ignore the kids comment, he probably had a dirty diaper and had a tantrum coz of it, niktom u make me and thousands of other sw fans laugh, i visit this page daily and btw, the environment 4 this strip isn’t ‘lazy’ it’s a sign of hard work and goes 2 show how much effort u put in 4 us and yh, i think ure comics are great, keep up the good work and ignore wot ppl like him put, he just needs a colouring book and some crayons! XD happy holidays mate!


  4. As far as me not getting paid enough. The things a Guard does for his Emperor is more loyal than any credits. In reference to the CRAYON. Last time the Emperor asked for Crayola’s help the air vent went into hypermode.

    Niktom’s Personal Pimping Royal Guard


  5. merry xmas and a happy new year niktom, i give u all my respect 4 the effort and hard work that u deliver 2 all us star wars fans/figure collectors like myself, hope u have a good 1 mate!



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